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Yogesh Dhungana

PhD Student | Amateur Musician | Avid Reader


PhD Student

Currently a PhD student at St. Jude Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. My research focus includes, but not limited to, Functional genomics, high-throughput bioinformatics and systems biology. I am fascinated by the integrative approach in data analysis which helps to acquire information on overall response of the system to intrinsic and extrinsic perturbation.

My current work broadly focuses on interaction between metabolic pathways and gene regulatory networks that could help promote T cell persistence during CAR T cell therapy. Furthermore, I am also working on exploring the possibility of using graph theory approaches in multi-omics data integration.

As a side gig, I help my team educate students in Nepal about state of art biological and translational research in high income countries. I am strongly optimistic that this will help inspire some next generation of sciencers from Nepal.

 Systems Biology

About Me


I was born and raised in a landlocked country in south east asia, Nepal. What that means is, I did not get to go to the beautiful beaches but I did get to do lots of hiking around beautiful mountains of Nepal. I completed my secondary schooling from Hetauda and moved to the big city, Kathmandu, for high school like most of the kids of my generation did. I completed my undergraduate in Biotechnology from Purbanchal University while studying at Asian Institute of Technology and Management (AITM), Laltipur in 2012.

I love traveling, this hobby of mine helped me identify and luckily, also got in to my dream program offered by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden in 2013. I travelled accross serene european countries while I studied Systems Biology in Sweden. The program itself was a compulsary mobility, so my first year would be in Stockholm, while my second year was to be decided during our winter school in Lisbon, Portugal. I completed my Masters in Computational Systems Biology while studying my second year at Aalto University in Espoo, Finland.

I feel, the cross cultural amalgamation that I was fortunate to experience while traveling remote regions of Nepal, Europe and currently USA (east and south) has instilled in me, a deep sense of respect for individuality. It has opened my eyes and taught me to be patient while also enabling me to, at the very least, appreciate the different perspective of people from differnt socio-economic background.


Music, Gunners (Arsenal FC), Hiking, Outdoor Sports, Reading and Science are my absolute best things to do in my leisure time.

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